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August 24th 2011 10:19 am

ThinkPad bloatware?

Just got my new ThinkPad T420S and very stoked to get it up and running. It's my 1st laptop really configured the way I want. I've heard some stuff and did a little research on the "bloatware" that comes preloaded. In doing the research, I also realized that just using the Windows Add / Remove to get rid of stuff is not the best way. Any advice on what I should get rid off, what I better not get rid off, and how best to do it?
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Give PC Decrapifier a try:

It has a list of all the programs it'll attempt to uninstall on the site:­/removes

It was originally built for Dell computers, but should work if you have some of these programs installed, YMMV.

As always, make sure you create a restore point before installing/running this.­/en­-US­/windows7­/Create­-a­-rest...­/en­-us­/windows7­/System­-Restor...

Edit: Would like to add that you should check what's running during System startup. You can simply use msconfig and check the startup items and uncheck items that you know shouldn't startup with your computer. You can google this if you're not familiar with what's starting up, so you don't uncheck the wrong things. Or you can use Autoruns:­/en­-us­/sysinternals­/bb963902....

Stopping applications and services that start up with your computer will have a more drastic (net positive performance) effect on your computer than other than uninstalling crapware.
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The tool Peter mentioned is awesome. After you run PC Decrapifier, I definitely recommend getting CCleaner or Ashampoo WinOptimizer to clean/sweep your registry and get rid of all the gunk those programs may have left behind.­/CCLEANER
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Last time I had a brand new Windows PC, everything that was in Add / Remove Software after the first boot could have been removed and the PC would have been just fine. Probably best to go through each item one by one, however. You have a list?
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i rebuilt my PC using a Windows Install disc.. but you need resources and if you are up to it, it will give you the cleanest build...
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