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Please tell me! Is the only solution to my ram issue is to root my tablet or what. I've tried a numerous amount of app killers, removed apps, android task manager (Factory) and followed the advice of alot of forums and to no avail! Does anyone have the same problem and has anyone found a solution?

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High ram usage on *nix based OS is an OK thing, do not get caught up in the high RAM usage. In fact relying on things like Task Killers can be counter productive to improving the overall experience of the device.
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I agree with you about task killers. I haven't found on that does what I need. My problem is that my was purchased with 1GB of ram and uses between 800-900MB on a regular basis. the task killers sometimes reduces it down to 700-800 sometimes but not for long. I'm also a app lover so this also complicates things even more. I terminate the processes of most apps I dont use on a regular basis and sometime they restart. My question is: Should I root?
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