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July 10th 2012 8:53 pm

Using a German prepaid SIM card with a Verizon phone

I'll be in Germany for a week or so at the end of September. I was wondering what my options were for pre paid mobile service, including data. The devices I have that take a sim card are a Galaxy S III and Blackberry Storm (both Verizon). Even they use different size cards...

I was wondering if anyone can help me out figure out what I should look for when I buy a prepaid SIM card & if anyone can confirm if (one of) these devices will work overseas.
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To use your Galaxy S III it will depend on the type of LTE that is offered in Germany. The Verizon version uses 700 MHz where Europe uses 800, 1800 & 2600 MHz.
It would probably be easier to use your Storm because it is a World Phone that uses the standard GSM 3 G bands of 850, 900, 1800, 1900.
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You should look into unlocking either phone. (Or perhaps finding out if they are unlocked to begin with)

That is the first step. The BlackBerry storm uses a full size sim card, and the Galaxy SIII uses a micro-sim card. I would guess that it is easier to find a prepaid standard SIM there, but could be wrong.
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Dont count on LTE Coverage in Germany ... GSM is the only Option. Prepaid SIM cards (micro & standard) are available at every bigger grocery store like LIDL,Penny,Aldi.
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