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May 3rd 2012 10:20 am

Verizon LTE "advertising vs reality"

My home is condersidered to be in Verizon's Extended Coverage area. I had two bars of LTE connectivity upon activating my 3rd Gen iPad at my home. I traveled to San Fran and couldn't connect. I followed some online instructions that suggested resetting Network Settings to factory default. Voila! I was connected to LTE once again. I came back to my home town and, once again, only 3G connectivity. Resetting wouldn't work. I found another online resource that said to use the "Request Reprovision" menu. Still no LTe. When I called Verizon, the first guy said that no iPads have 4G connectivity! I asked to be transferred to tech support for IPads and they said that was handled by the "prepaid" group. That group says that prepaid customers are considered to be roaming in LTE Extended Coverage area and are not entitled to LTE connectivity. That is absurd! There is no other LTE provider in my area! How on earth could I be roaming? Is this policy for real and how can they get away with it?

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