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September 9th 2012 2:09 pm

Weird question: Surface, Lumia 920, or Kindle Paperwhite?

I need to partition my financial assets to buy one of these three products. I am currently using a Lumia 900. I do not have a tablet. I am also very fond of the literary arts and reading. Right now I am leaning towards the Kindle, although I may consider one of the other two. What do you think?

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Your Lumia 900 will get a lot of the software updates. A Surface would be the thing to get because it's a really power tablet with excellent hardware and the full power of a PC (if you get the Pro i.e. x86 version). I have a Lumia 800 and I'll probably get a Surface instead of a Lumia 920. That's just my opinion. Good luck! :)
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The Lumia 900 will eventually not receive updates (or at the very least get minor parts of updates like the iPhone 3GS), especially some of the newer features in Windows Phone 8 (except for resizable live tiles). The Surface would be really cool to get, but I'd wait a while to let companies, and Microsoft, hash out any issues that may arise in mass-production of a Surface tablet.

I think for right now the Kindle is the safest bet, and is a joy if you love reading. My advice would be to buy the Kindle, and then save for a Surface (or a Lumia 920 if it gets great reviews).
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I would probably get the Paperwhite. The Surface is more expensive and your phone is pretty modern. Also, Apple may release a smaller iPad and Google may announce a larger Nexus before Christmas. You wouldn't want to buy another tablet just to see another one you want.
Amazon does a really good job updating their older hardware. If you don't break it or lose it, the Paperwhite will last for a long time. It's the best value of the three.
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It all depends on what you want out of it, I’ve got a Lumia 800 and have no intention of upgrading this year or next year. It does what I need it to do (but if someone wants to give me one I won’t say no). On the question of tablet vs. Kindle reader, what are you going to use it for? If you’re going to use it to do a lot of reading, than you should get the Kindle (easier to read on, better battery life), but if you’re going to use it for other stuff you should get the tablet.
I had the same problem just before Amazon announced the paperwhite. Like I said I have a Lumia 800 and was thinking about getting a tablet, my first reaction was the Google Nexus or the Kindle Fire (both are really cheap for what you get). I was going to use it mostly for reading, so when Amazon announced the Kindle Paperwhite my mind was made up. I’ll get the E-reader, it’s small and it lasts for weeks. Bottom line is, I don’t need a new phone (the one I have does the job), I don’t need a tablet, but I read a lot.
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You already have got a phone, the 900, so no need to get the 920, not right away.

1. The next part depends on how much you love to read. If you love it more than enough and have got a computer of some sort (laptop or desktop) you will be served best by the Kindle. It's an absolutely fantastic reading device, and this route will cover all bases.
2. However if you do not have a computer at all, buy Surface Pro. It is a full fledged computer which is quite portable and will serve decently as a ebook reader while doing computing work brilliantly.
3. If you have a computer but are need something really portable for on the go works, get Surface RT. Portable and will still gets the job done and will be better as a e reader than the Pro for a slightly less weight.
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