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November 2nd 2012 12:09 am

what Apps do you use or wish that the Surface and windows RT had?

Oddly enough i like the surface tablet and find that i am getting used to the metro interface but still find myself using my iPad or my PC for some apps that the surface just doesn't have .

what apps do you use the most and which ones do think they need soon or now?

Apps i find myself using often:
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Evernote
  • Kindle books
  • USA Today
Apps i wish it had
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • HBO Go
  • Social network apps (Twitter, Facebook & Google plus)
  • other browsers like Chrome or Firefox
  • games
what are you all using to watch or listen to Podcasts?

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There are lots of Twitter apps, so that's not a big thing. The Facebook web page works pretty well in IE10 on it, but yeah an app would be nice... But the integration in the platform sort of takes care of it... Sort of.

Hoping the Music/Video apps are coming soon... Can recommend Xbox Music; it's got more music than Spotify and looks AWESOME.

I use ngreader (Next Generation Reader) to read my Google Reader feeds. It's amust on any Windows platform. Also Angry Birds Space and Star Wars is awesome! Would also like to recommend Adera; almost like Myst for those that remember... :)
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I've only had my one for 24 hours (it takes time to get one over from the states) But the apps I've missed so far are: Flipboard, a Podcast App. The Remote Desktop app is awesome.
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I know its wishful thinking at this point but I miss a lot of Google apps like Google Drive, Google Talk, and Google Chrome. Google+ & Google Reader native apps would be nice too I know there is no Windows desktop app for either of those but the Apps they have out for Android would be perfect on the surface too. Google+ works pretty well through IE10 but Reader is pretty unusable.

I have IM+ to connect to Google Talk at the moment but its not an ideal or efficient interface.

Google Drive I have been using through the web interface in IE10. It seems pretty sluggish. There are some odd quirks to when editing doc with the onscreen keyboard. I know I could start using SkyDrive more for this type of functionality but I am heavily invested already in Drive and have other collaborators that I share docs with through GDrive that would be challenging to integrate into SkyDrive as well.

When it comes to Google Chrome, I really miss the book mark sync and all the other Chrome bells and whistles. I've attempted to use Xmarks to get my chrome bookmarks synced up from my desktop machine. Again, it works OK but not great. Nothing beats the real thing! We know they have a pretty good engine for Chrome that already runs on ARM for Android so I am crossing my fingers that someone at Google is working on porting that over to Windows RT!

Outside of the Googleverse, I would like to see official Dropbox, Pandora, Facebook & Twitter apps.
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1. Facebook app
2. FB messenger
3. Twitter
4. Dropbox
5. Mint
6. G+
7. Better photo app
8. Skype [with group video chat]
9. Magazine app [Zinio is very low res]
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I wish there would be a native Spotify app, and that the Dropbox app wouldn't be so lame. There is a Pandora app.
I wish it would sync my Google calendar (email and contacts work fine).
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