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April 21st 2010 3:41 pm

What are some of the BEST windows mobile programs for the HD2 or windows mobile 6.

5 that you will/won't find in the app store and aren't crazy expensive? I am looking for things like a NES emulator, streaming music from my laptop, sync my gmail rss reader outside the browser, ect. I like to mess around with apps so any recommendations would be helpful.

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check out xda­
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The best place to start for programs on windows mobile is Groovemobile forum.xda­­/showthread.php­?t­=640954 with that you can search any song you can think of and play it via a stream right away with support for playlists and random/repeat play.

Also you could try the O!Market which is a collection of freeware for windows mobile­/omarket/ as far as a google reader client there is one called speeed reader available in the O!Market but i have never used it. I get my rss through the built in rss reader which is also excellent for pod-casts. NES emulator I sure google will be more knowledgeable then me but i recall a few pocketnester pocketnester+ morphgear smartgear. I have no clue how well they work or if they still exist.

Lastly, since i have no idea how much experience you have on winmo ill give you some generic programs that i always use.
Cookie's home tab mod- customize you home tab, this one is an absolute must have
CHTEditor - cookie home tab editor more indepth options for cookie home tab
coreplayer - the media player i use for all non mp4 does cost money. MP4 files are handled by built in players much better.
slide2shutdown/xdashutdown - adds options to holding down power button.
mocha ftp server - turns you phone into a ftp server that you can access from any ftp client
PocketIRC - irc client with support for xdcc
slacker radio - yep its on winmo too now
New Bing with voice navigation
HDWalls - lets you better customize the look of you phone and wallpaper requires a pc
Total commander - very powerful file explorer with built in reg editor, ftp client zip archiving utility
Palringo/nimbuzz - some im clients
WAZE - social gps maps. the traffic data and such is pulled from other users in real time
GCzII - if you geocache this is the best app for that
opera mini 5 - kind of pointless with the real opera on winmo but nice to have sometimes
opera mobile 9.7/10 - which one you use is really just a personal preference.
GrooveMobile - did I mention groovemobile

There are other great programs that is just what I am running at the moment.
Also as oakie said make sure you make your way to www.xda­ and if you live in the US is also great. Both of those places have phenomanal forums.
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