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December 29th 2013 10:50 pm

What are some recommended headphones for Playstation4?

I got a ps4 for Christmas and I mainly play Battle Field 4. I'm just looking for a decent headset.
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I had been also looking for a good wireless headset, I had the Razer Chimaera wireless headset for the xbox 360 and was blown away at how good a game with good audio engineering in it (Battlefield 3) could sound, but they're not compatible with the ps4 so I'm on the hunt for a new headset as well.

This is another great thread I found on reddit, from when when everyone was trying to figure out what ps3 headsets still worked with the ps4:

Iphone Headset - Doesn't Work
I tried the Apple's iphone headset, and it seemed like it might satisfy me till I got a legit pair, but like people in the reddit article mention, they cause a high pitch sound though the mic (you can see what I mean if you record a voice message and play it back).

PS Vita Headphones - Probably Not What Your Looking For
Although I'm sure they're great for casual gamers, much like if the iphone headphones even worked, I don't think these are going to give you the 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound quality you're looking for for games like BF4.

Tritton Kunai - Wired Headset For $50
If you're not looking for a wireless headset I'd do these, the ps4 version of this headset was on for $50 (select "for PS4" in the dropdown here:­/products­/tritton­/kunai­/specs/).

Logitech g930 - Way Too Quiet (Avoid these!)
I bought thet Logitech g930's on Black Friday because they were on for $69 (reg $120) and people in the comments said they worked with ps4 as well, but I returned them because they were way too quiet, even at max volume, it was a waste of time, I'm sure they work great on PC, don't buy these for the ps4.­/products­/logitech­/wireless­-gaming...

Astro A40's - Too Expensive
The Astro A40's seem to be a very popular choice, however they are not wireless, $240 for non-wireless headphones? I'd spend the extra $50 to get the wireless ones for $299 but that's only $100 less than what I paid for the entire console, it seems crazy to pay that much!

Turtle Beach
A lot of people swear by them and only buy Turtle Beach, you can find a list of compatible ones here (­/console­-compatibility) but do some reading if you have to buy one of their new compatibility cables for yours to work.

Playstation Pulse Elite - What I'm Holding Out For
Wireless headphones for under $125, and by the company that makes the console? I'm in! However, they aren't supported yet, Sony says they need to push out a patch for them to work with the console in early January, so I'm holding out for when and if they actually do that.
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I ended up posting this question on r/gaming( I also found a similar post in r/ps4(

Based off those two threads here are the top 4 head sets in no order.
  1. iPhone 5s headset
  2. Astro A40(­/products­/astro­-gaming­/a40/)
  3. PS Vita headphones(­/products­/sony­/playstation­/vita­/in...)
  4. Playstation pulse elite(­/products­/sony­/pulse­-wireless­-ster...)
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