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September 10th 2011 4:02 pm

What are the benefits of a gaming mouse?

I understand why a gaming specific keyboard can be practical and useful to a gaming experience on a PC but I've never understood how a mouse is beneficial. Since I've started gaming again on my PC I've just been using a generic mouse with nothing special. If my gaming picks up into something beyond RTS would a gaming specific mouse be beneficial? Would it even be beneficial while playing a RTS like Starcraft 2?
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Gaming mice have a lot of features that generic mice, such as, on the fly dpi sensitivity changes, additional customizable buttons typically on the thumbs, higher quality feet for easier mousing, configurable weights and more comfortable design.

Generally, weights and on the fly dpi changes make the biggest difference, but it's more of a subjective thing. If you're not looking to play competitively even on the casual level, then a gaming mouse isn't really needed, just get a comfortable mouse instead.

My favorite mouse right now is the Logitech G9, it's super comfortable in the hand, not too heavy and not gigantic.­/logitech­/g9
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The main benefit of the mouse that I use (the Razer Imperator) is on the fly DPI changing (which REALLY helps in RTS') so that I can make my mouse extremely sensitive, and side buttons for doing things in other games, specifically MMOs. Also it lights up and looks cool, so +1 for that?

Also, I chose this mouse because it's extremely comfortable. A lot of generic mice are meant to be used with both hands, but this mouse is specifically for right handers, and makes it so I can play games for a long time without strain.
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Just want to add that gaming mice are awesome for non-gaming also. On the fly DPI changing when working in Photoshop is a game changer.

Also, I agree with the others, I've never had an uncomfortable gaming mouse. They all seem to be ergonomic. I especially love my Razer Deathadder.
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The main benefit is that you get to pay more. DPI or sensitivity can be adjusted in good old windows control panel (look for the pointer icon labeled mouse). I love my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000, with BlueTrak technology. Its' batteries last much longer than my wifes Logitech LX9, too - and I mean it - about 3x longer. Weights in a mouse are just dumb, who wants something heavy one day, and light the next, that just doesn't make any sense. Programmable buttons are handy, and most mid-range mice will have a couple you can use for special things. A pal of mine, whose opinion I respect, swears by Razor, but I've always stuck with M$ or Logitech personally.
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