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April 16th 2012 12:03 pm

What are the different lenses available for this camera?

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Right now the selection is still a little slim, but there are a few good ones to choose from. Luckily they do seem to be expanding the lineup, even getting a Carl Zeiss lens for their e-mount system. Below is a list of the current selection.

The typical kit lenses:­/sony­/18­-55mm­/f­-3­-5­-5­-6­-zoom­-lens/­/sony­/16mm­/f­-2­-8­-wide­-angle­-lens/

Some more specific use lenses:­/sony­/50mm­/f­-1­-8­-telephoto­-lens/­/sony­/30mm­/f­-3­-5­-macro­-lens/­/sony­/18­-200mm­/f­-3­-5­-6­-3­-zoom­-lens/­/sony­/55­-210mm­/zoom­-lens/

and the Carl Zeiss lens:­/carl­-zeiss­/sonnar­-t­-e­/24mm­-f­-1­-8­/za/

Sony's site has a listing of all of their e-mount lenses as well:­/webapp­/wcs­/stores­/servlet­/CategoryD...
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