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November 8th 2011 10:57 am

What are the disadvantages of iCloud?

I am researching what would be the most convenient and future-proof way to store my photos in the cloud? the Apple service is one option. Adobe Carroussel and 20 others are also possible..

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Well, right now, Apple doesn't have a way for you to store your photos in the cloud, per se. The only cloud storage of photos that iOS 5 includes is Photo Strean which is only for pictures taken with the on-board camera. At the moment, my favorite online photo refuge is through a startup called Everpix (https:­/­/­/login.html) which is currently in private alpha but accepting users every day. By launch it will have uploaders for Windows and Mac (Mac only at the moment) and will have mobile applications for every smartphone platform.

It seems the most future proof to me!
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iCloud is not a good photo storage solution. It's more designed as a way to transfer photos between devices. Even aside from the fact that you're limited to 1000 photos or 30 days, it's just not good for storing and managing a collection of photos.
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To reiterate what others have said, iCloud is not a great solution for long-term storage of photos. If you have an iOS device with photos on the camera roll (those taken with the device or saved directly to the device) they will be included in your iCloud backups (if your device is configured to back up to iCloud, that is). The Photo Stream feature, if turned on, will upload and temporarily store your last 30 days' pictures, but this is only so photos added from one device can be copied to your other devices automatically; they aren't stored permanently on iCloud.
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