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What are your first impressions of the newly announced Sony S1 and S2 tablets?

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Can the Sony S1 look any bulkier? If people complain about the weight of the iPad 1/2, I can't see this pleasing the biceps of future tablet buyers. I pretty damn surprised that the Engadget exclusive was pretty much spot on (­/2011­/02­/16­/exclusive­-sony­-s1­-brin...). I just couldn't image a tablet having that curvy, angled back, but here we are!

As for the S2, I admire Sony taking design risks, much like the Kyocera Echo (­/kyocera­/echo/), and it's a more interesting product to me than the S2 because of that. Not a fan of having a space between the two screen, but I hope one day I can get my hands on this to see how well it works. The fact you can fold it up into a smaller package and still have the large screen real estate is promising. This may appeal to those people who like the smaller 7" screen Android tablets like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (­/samsung­/galaxy­/tab/). It's worth mentioning that Engadget pretty much called this one too:­/2011­/02­/21­/exclusive­-sony­-s2­-dual...

Link to the Engadget post (video and photos):­/2011­/04­/26­/sony­-to­-launch­-two­-hon...
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I really don't like the look of them but I appreciate that Sony is starting to put themselves out there a little bit in terms of design. I'm not sure that consumers will be interested in these either because I feel as if the mainstream set of users is looking for an experience similar to what the iPad or the Xoom offers, not an experience offered by these niche devices.
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cass' pick

I actually like the S1 design. The curve will work when I want to set the tablet down on my table and type at an angle. I guess they were going for a better grip when holding it vertically, since it looks like a magazine folded up. It would be a pretty good e-reader that way.

The only thing I can say about the S2 is that I think they are somewhat attacking the DS with this. I don't think that's really what they are doing or that it would be smart to do so, but it just looks like they are completely trying to make the DS seem obsolete. Just my horrible opinion there though
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I like the S1's design and I feel like the S2 is a cool concept but I think it would need an OS that was designed for 2 screens and not just throwing an OS over 2.
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S1 looks nice, almost like a folded booklet. S2 has a very unergonomic design, doesn't look like it would lay nicely in one's palms.
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But this is Sony - so weightwise I'm assuming it will please those who're complaining about the original iPad / Xoom for example.
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