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July 8th 2012 9:19 pm

What camera should I buy for the price around $200?

Well, to be frank, I am not a professional photographer. I just want to buy a good camera to take photos. Since I would like to memorize every second of beauty and touching moment. Those could happen on my way to office, on my way back home, when hanging out with friends and family, whenever I come into a new place. LOL~
any suggestions? Thanks~~

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I've have several Canon PowerShot cameras in the past and have been pretty happy with them. The menus and button layout are pretty simple, so you don't have to be too camera savvy to use one.

You might want to check out the Canon PowerShot 300 HS (­/canon­/powershot­/elph­/300­-hs/). It's just under $200 and has some pretty solid reviews.
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check this camera out----> Olympus SZ-12 review
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