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March 22nd 2013 9:12 am

What do you think is better for editing movies ?

The Macbook Air or The Mac Mini 2012 (Both models are the basic models)
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The Mac mini has a better CPU, as well as added flexibility with easily-replaceable RAM slots and a wider variety (and amount) of ports, which is why I think it's better for video-editing.
But considering video-editing will be a major part of what you do on your Mac, you'd be much more inclined to go for the $799 model, which has a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz) and 1TB hard-drive (with the option for a 256GB SSD or a 1TB Fusion Drive), making it more suitable for video editing, though the lack of a dedicated graphics card may be noticeable.
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Personally I prefer the Macbook Air for portability reasons. You can connect it to a better display when you are not mobile. The main issue with the Air is that it will require the use of an external drive if you are going to have a lot of video. Personally I would use a Drobo Mini for storage in either case, so it would not matter to me. I like the fact that the Macbook Air's internal hard drive is an SSD and much faster than the Mini, so that is a huge plus. I would recommend upgrading the Macbook Air to 8gb because the memory cannot be upgraded later on, unlike the Mini. Also, there should be new Macbooks released in the coming months with much improved processor/graphics. Intel's Haswell chips should be out soon.

The Haswell MacBook Air is now out:­/Apple­-MacBook­-MD760LL­-13­-3­-Inch­-VER...
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