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What does anyone who already has a PlayBook think of it? I would strongly recommend it if you have a BlackBerry.

That Need for Speed game is real sweet and there are more high quality games like that which will be coming out in the future.
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I also really like the device.

The form factor is really one that people will have to use to understand whether they'll like it or not (for instance, compared to the larger iPad or Xoom), but for myself it was a selling feature. There is enough screen real estate for a great experience without losing the portability.

Other pluses I've found:
- good battery life
- very responsive
- great screen
- solid build
- excellent user experience / os
- the gestures to control the UI become second nature and are a pleasure to use

On the negatives, the Apps stick out the most, with a majority of the ones currently in the App World being poorly built / designed. However, with the recent release of the Facebook application, you get a sense of what's possible and with a few more big name / killer apps, I believe devs will come around.

Additionally, if Blackberry holds true to their word, they'll release the email and BBM clients this summer, further cementing the device as a capable business tool.

I would recommend people looking for a tablet test out the device.
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I just wrote a review of it on this site. I think the Playbook is a very solid device. Battery life is goods, the way it handles multitasking also on point. My only gripe is the lack of apps, but I know more will come down the road.
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The Playbook does a really good job at making me wish that it was running webOS.

The hardware is top notch but there are enormous usability holes in teh basic OS, some bundled apps work extremely poorly (needing a data connection for Bing Maps for instance, even after you've loaded your map. This means that you can't load a map at home, then take it in the car and use it to get where you want to go. It throws up a dialog that stops you from seeing your map), but overall it's fairly enjoyable.

I have one because I'm a developer, but I would NEVER pay 500 for what they've delivered so far. Software wise it feels rushed, incomplete, and really just strives to be webOS in the end.
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Really liking mine. was concerned about the smaller form factor but it is very useable. Hope it takes off and the app developers follow but I'm very happy right now even without a native mail or facebook client.
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I received one through work and have had it for about a week. It took some time to adapt to its nuances and native gestures (coming from an iPad, I keep looking for a home button), but its Bluetooth connectivity with my Blackberry has made composing long e-mails and reading attachments much more convenient and efficient.

It does have some half-baked aspects to it, such as not being able to handle zip files attached to e-mails. Also, I was surprised that I could not cut and paste text I wrote in Word on the Go into an e-mail. Its wifi radio seems a little sensitive, too, as it frequently lost a connection today to which my laptop and iPad had no trouble staying locked.

It is clearly a work in progress, but it is not nearly as bad as some of the negative reviews that I've seen. I was toying with getting a second iPad for the family, but the Playbook is an adequate alternative for now. I expect its utility to improve as apps become more available (ahem, Netflix and Kindle) and firmware upgrades add to the suite of features.
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