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September 2nd 2011 5:17 pm

What does everyone think about the amazon tablet?­/2011­/09­/02­/amazon­-tablet­-coming­-i...
Engadget reports that Amazon's tablet will come out some time in November and will cost $250. It's also a 7inch tablet. Will you get one?
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I think it will be the first true competitor to the iPad. If they can bring the price further down, say to $199, they could really get the tablet wars going.
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It's 'Kindle Advanced'. It's Kindle size but can do so much more. That is good news for people who want a small tablet. But it is a small tablet which at 7" it's not directly a competitor of the iPad. (Which I think is what Amazon wants for this first attempt.)

The price will make waves. Half the size = half the price of an iPad. If it's $250 it will sell and sell pretty good. I will be interested to see how much of a loss Amazon is taking on each one to jump in the game. Loss being relative with people buying more video and MP3's from Amazon.

I think the biggest company hurt by this is Samsung.
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I could see this doing well amongst some people.

It doesn't interest me though because I'm not that involved with Amazon and dislike the idea of a "heavily skinned" Android device.
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I'm very sad it won't have e-ink. I thought that was a pretty good advantage it had over other tablets.
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I'm honestly not interested in it. I much prefer reading on an E-Ink display. I'll be down for an Amazon tablet when they have a hybrid display.

I'm a little worried that not many people will go for it as just an Android tablet because of its heavy skin. I feel like it would detract normal tablet buyers.
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not to sure about the size but if they are going to package it with free prime membership (thats what an 80 dollar value?) in addition to new tabled device that is likely to be similar to the nook color.

if it has all the integration to their services such as movies music and books i really do like the idea.
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It makes a lot of sense for Amazon to make a tablet and fuze it with the Kindle brand in the process. They have a music store, they have an Android app store, and most importantly, they're Amazon so they have everyone's credit cards. After seeing the B&N Nook Color's relative "success" thanks to the hacker community, I don't see why Amazon wouldn't just come out with a full fledged (but still Kindle branded and thus e-book oriented) $250 tablet with tablet capabilities.
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If I don't get an iPad 2 I will probably pick one up as a couch companion. For $250 it is worth it even for just a MID with flash support.
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Since I am only interested in 7" tablets to begin with, I will add it to my want list... but even this will be hard to justify in my budget when I already have a Nook and a 4.3" phone. I do expect to be strongly tempted, though.
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My Amazon Prime membership is coming up for renewal, so why not buy this? I'm sure it will include it's Netflix-like video service as well as Amazon Music. I believe if you are already in the Amazon Eco-system then this a no brainer. And if it's a good tablet, I may just have to sell my iPad 2. I'd sell it on Amazon of course!
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Not interested. I don't like the middle-of-the-road 7" size, myself. My tablet has become my primary gaming, e-reading and drawing device, and for those things I find the 9"-10" size perfect. A middling tablet, somewhere in between a "real" one and a smartphone, would likely just annoy me.
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I already have an iPad and I have tried the numerous Android tablets on the market. I don't enjoy reading very much on any of them. I still pull out my Kindle for my reading needs as the E-ink tech is so much easier on the eyes. I go through a couple novels through the weekend on the Kindle, but when I tried it on the iPad, I was having to rest my eyes every hour or so from the eye strain.

That said, I would definitely try any "Kindle tablet" Amazon were to make. I respect the quality of Kindle, I would definitely tried their next product. If it's E-ink hybrid, there would be more the reason to try it. Add some of the nice color E-ink stuff I would be even more intrigued.
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