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May 12th 2012 8:48 pm

What HDTV do you recommend?

My INSIGNIA tv recently lost its only functioning HDMI port and now I'm looking for a replacement. Any ideas within $400 +\- $50?
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I would say to try for Sony and get as many external ports as possible. Try to stay away from the smart tv's if you can. Realize that the "Smart TV" feature is cool, but something better, like Roku 3 or Google TV 2, will come out over the lifetime of the tv and you're not going to use the feature that you are paying extra for to be built into the tv. An Apple TV, Roku 2 and many other set top boxes can be had for $100 or less and offer the same benefits, plus you can buy a new one every couple of years with new features and move the old one to a different tv or sell it!

Try to get LCD, stay away from Plasma as they run very hot and will cost you on your electric bill. If you can get LED LCD for a decent price go for it. Don't pay extra for a 240Hz refresh rate, it's a waste of money. 60Hz is minimum and 120Hz is probably optimal.

Overall, just make sure it has at least 2 HDMI ports, capable of 1080p, at least 60Hz and figure out if you want to mount it on a wall or put it on a tv stand. I prefer a tv stand, but I understand why some people like mounting.
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It really depends what size and features you are looking for. You can go larger and lower quality or smaller and higher quality.

I will always stand behind Sony TV's, and I currently love my 1080p 32" Panasonic Viera

I suggest looking here for a start:­/reviews­/hdtvs­-televisions/
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I suggest you to buy TV with new feature and complete connectivity. such as:
- HDMI port ready
- 3D capability
even you don't need the features right now right now, but for long time investment it much better. Philips 40PFL3706 is an example for you.
source :­/philips40tv
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