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June 7th 2011 4:30 pm

What HDTV should I buy for PS3 and film viewing?

I realise sony just announced a ps3 screen but I'd like something a tad bigger than 24inches. Looking for around 32-46". I will be gaming on it but I'm a big film buff so the better the TV for that the better. As for budget I'd rather keep it under £1000. Any suggestions gdgteers? What make should I look out for and what features?

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I was in the market for a TV right now I'd buy a 3d tv simply because it's the latest gen of TV hardware. I'd also buy something that would fit nicely into my viewing distance, right now I'm at 8ft and 50" is just right, 55-60 would be ideal at that distance but I'm happy with 50.

I, and a lot of others, prefer plasma over LCD even ones with LED back lighting. If you want the plasma route, the latest 3d Panasonic TV's have been getting really great reviews.­/panasonic­/viera­/tc­-p55vt30/
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To go along with the PS3, I'd go with the biggest Sony Bravia with 3D you can get for your budget.

I'm far from a pro about 3D, but you can be sure that Sony make the compatibility between their products to be the best possible, and from the few 3D TVs I tried in shops Sony Bravia felt always the best (to me).
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Sony just announced a 24" 3D capable TV with 3D gasses and a game(but no console) for $500. Here's the story­/2011­/06­/06­/sony­-announces­-playsta...
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