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June 28th 2012 4:23 pm

What is a good 1st device for someone changing from Apple to Android?

I am a long time Apple fan and user but decidedly bored with Apple lately. What is a good 1st device for making the transition from Apple to Android? I am open to computers, tablets, and/or phones.
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If your on AT&T - HTC One X
If your on Verizon - Samsung Galaxy S III -­/samsung­/galaxy­/s­/iii/
Peter Rojas wrote a great comparison here:­/samsung­/galaxy­/s­/iii­/reviews­/qsg/

Google announced the Asus Nexus 7 yesterday:­/asus­/nexus­/7/
Discussion here:­/discuss­/google­-officially­-announces­-the­-n...
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Galaxy Nexus if you want a more stock feel and its hardware is getting a little old now.

the Galaxy S III for the latest and greatest in hardware from Samsung and this device does seem to deliver.

the thing i hate about the phones is that there is always a newer and better one around the corner. with so many different hardware makes making phones ever month or so a newer phone is hitting the market that is slightly better than the last one.

Phone wise i would lean towards the Nexus sold in the Google play store. i like the unlocked hardware and it support Jelly Bean.

on the Tablet from the Nexus 7 seems to be the hot android tablet right now. the reviews seem to be good and the 200 to 250 price point is nice.

now if you are up for renewal on your contract in the US for your cell phone and they offer the Galaxy S III i would lean toward that device. if you are paying full price the Nexus from google play sore would my choice.
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Galaxy Nexus. Stock Android is better than anything else. BTW, I'd suggest you should consider Windows Phone as well. It's a great platform that's unlike anything else on the market.
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