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July 24th 2013 1:24 pm

What is streaming throught the Chromecast ?

I would like to know if the contents are streaming throught the Chromecast, or by the Internet connection of the TV (and Chromecast is only streaming the "communication").
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The Chromecast connects to WiFi, and handles all of the streaming. It doesn't stream from your phone to the Chromecast, it streams from the "cloud" to the Chromecast. The internet connection of the TV is superfluous in this case.
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Its an external extension for your phone and chrome products (chromebooks and browsers) It can stream via wifi. It will also use the device as the remote. At the moment limited software is compatible. But There are APIs for the product. Which means developers can incorporate this new technology within there applications for mirrors/streaming to your TV. Hopefully soon we can play games through it.
I found a very informative write up:­/article­/2045140­/google­-posts­-chro...
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