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June 18th 2011 11:13 am

What is the best iPod speaker system under $600?

Will be used with an iPhone 4, iPod Nano 6th Gen, potentially hooked up to my Apple TV 2 for Airplay. Have been looking at the Audioengine 5 speakers as my #1 option right now. Advice? Experiences?
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I love the Audioengine A5 speakers and the quality is top notch. However, for a streaming setup in that price range it is hard to top Sonos from a feature and flexibility standpoint. This is particularly true if at some point you decide you want to add more zones.
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A buddy of mine has the Zeppelin Air by Bowers & Wilkins and has been extremely impressed: www.bowers­­/iPod­_and­_Computer­_Speakers­/...

I've been over to his house quite a bit for casual hanging out and parties and from my experience the speakers are actually really nice. Great bass and perfect treble. Of course they do airplay, and I think they can fit every iDevice. Would definitely recommend them.
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If you use the Airplay feature on the AppleTV you can use an existing speaker or HT system. Otherwise the Zepplin looks to be a great system. I do like the Audioengine as well.
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iPod Dock option: Logitech s715i

Speaker: SoundSticks III, Logitech Z623, Z906
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