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January 4th 2012 5:16 pm

What is the best way to share an Apple 27" LED Display with a MacBook Air (ADC) and a PC (DVI or VGA)

I am currently running a setup that has two monitors each paired with two computers (my Macbook Air + 27" LED Display and my PC + Asus 21.5" Monitor), and would like to get rid of my older Asus monitor, extra desk and simply plug my Apple Macbook Air into my Apple 27" LED Display when I need to as well as use this same monitor for my PC. From what I've seen there is little out there that will allow this. Any good product solutions would be appreciated, if they even exist. I realize there is at least 1 KVM switch for this too.

The Graphics Card in my PC is a GeForce 9500 GT with both a VGA and DVI port and my Macbook is the Air 13-inch (late 2010).

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I don't think a KVM solution is going to work very well, but you could unplug one and plug in the other. This cable may allow your PC to connect to the apple display (at reduced resolution most likely)­/gp­/product­/B003OBXHPC­/ref­=as­_li­_ss­_...

Otherwise you will need to upgrade your PC to have a Displayport output graphics card and use a displayport to mini displayport cable in-between.
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I agree with you there, it seems to be pricey either way, but in the long run just swapping them seems to be the better route. I found the product you linked would only convert the Mini Display Port to a DVI port. After some digging I found the Gefen DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter, which will let me plug the display right into the device and use it as a monitor. I'm going to buy one and if I remember I'll post up how easy it is to use!
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