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What is the most reliable high capacity external usb hard drive?

I'm looking for a 1tb plus usb hard drive. Reliability is essential as it will be getting a lot of use. The next important point would be portability.
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I've got a Western Digital MyPassport Essential SE. Mine's 750GB, but you can get them in 1TB too­/en­/products­/products.aspx­?id­=430
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I've always had great experience with LaCie devices. They have several new USB 3.0 hard drives and many are extremely portable. Here's one I was checking out the other day:­/us­/products­/product.htm­?id­=10517

Happy hunting!
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Unfortunately, there is no real 'winner'. All consumer type hard disk drives are build by only a few companies. They all use the same materials and techniques. Their quality as about the same. There is no telling how long a hard disk will last. Two of the same type and brand may have completely different life spans. On average they last longer when kept 'cool' (below 85° C) and of course, dropping then can be fatal. Average life span is 3 years, but even under perfect conditions, a disk can fail any time. So always make multiple copies.
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Maybe not what your looking for but Another option would be to buy a Hard Drive enclosure and then buy a hard drive to put in it. Often times this approach is cheaper per GB than prebuilt. Western Digital makes amazing and reliable internal storage drives than can be easily fitted into a External Hard Drive Enclosure.
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I like the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drives with modular connectivity modules.

Another good option is iomega eGo.

I used to swear by WD MyPassport SE till I lost two or three 1TB drives. The drives just stopped working and no tech could do anything to wake them up. Thankfully, the drives were barely full, and I had multiple copies elsewhere. I received replacements under warranty, but I am really wary of using these drives. OTOH the 500GB drives seem to be fine. It is only the higher capacity drives that have failed.
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I use a Fantom 1TB drive to watch ripped movies (that I OWN) on my PS3. Works great! The new ones support eSATA too!
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Another option might be to try an external drive with a fan in the case that runs on AC power. Not as portable as a USB drive, but has a better chance of running smoothly in various temperature conditions.
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