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October 29th 2011 3:42 pm

What it's the specific launch or release date for the Canon PowerShot S100?

Many places announce it but all have out as a pre order item.
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They seem to be in really sloooooow roll out (or in extremely limited quantities). Most local Bestbuy around me are out already (I doubt they have more than a handful here and there). Amazon said they may not be able to ship my pre-order till december 24th! This is annoying.
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It's trickling out. A lot of Best Buys had some initial stock last week, which apparently they were not supposed to sell, but almost all of them did. I was told that next Sunday is when the camera would officially be available...and indeed, BB's site now says they can ship the camera to a store in 3-5 days, so that sounds reasonable.

I randomly checked inventory at local stores this afternoon and saw one location with it in stock...and despite again hearing something about them not supposed to be selling the camera yet...was able to purchase one.
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