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February 7th 2012 7:55 pm

What makes Dell monitors so exclusive?

Why big companies prefer Dell monitors over others? (eg. iMacs, Philips, Samsung)
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Dell monitors in my experience have had rock solid builds and have stood up to 24 hours a day use for moths on end. I think they have refined the build process in their mid-range models based on the sheer quantity they have been able to sell.

As Jgstew mentioned, their warranty support for businesses is great.

The Apple cinema displays are fantastic with regards to image quality, however they sort of pigeonhole you to use a mac laptop (with thunderbolt, the magsafe adapter) and do not even support DVI or VGA. Legacy port and option for multiple ways to connect have been important to me, and the companies I worked for.
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garen's pick

Apple Cinema displays are some of the best, but they are very expensive.

Dell Ultrasharp displays are probably next best to an Apple Cinema display.

Companies often buy Dell computers and monitors together, and often because of the warranties that they purchase with them, not so much the monitors themselves. Dell has very good warranty support for businesses.

Personally, I do not anticipate being able to afford Apple Cinema displays, so I usually purchase Dell monitors, or an off brand if it is a good price. This really depends on what my use-case is. I don't care as much about the overall quality if I am not going to use the display for editing Photos or Video, or other color sensitive work. Even so, calibrating your display is much more important than just the relative quality of the display. I'd rather work on a lower end calibrated display than a higher end un-calibrated display.

Here is an inexpensive color calibrator:­/gp­/product­/B000OFC1YY­/ref­=as­_li­_ss­_...
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Excellent picture quality, compared or better top of the market Apple displays . I use mine for a couple of years and do not want anything else .
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