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August 2nd 2013 10:16 am

What makes this tablet underscore the iPad Mini?

Every review I've read about Nexus 7 2nd-gen are all about praising it. I've read a lot of "the best 7" tablet" and similar. But then, the iPad Mini is recommended. Why? I really don't get it...
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We have both the iPad Mini and Nexus 7 recommended for people who are interested in a smaller tablet for each ecosystem.
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As to why the mini is still recommended I would imagine this is because the Nexus 7 is not an option for every one especially the normal consumer. When I say “normal consumer” I am referring to some one that does not follow the tech blogs and news. These are the people that won’t deviate from stock on an android phone and are looking for something easy to use and looks good.

I can see someone like my parents even my neighbor who will walk into a store and hear that the Nexus 7 is the greatest tablet and see that it only cost $230. But when they get home find they can’t’ use it with the apps they already have and can’t watch the movies they have because they are in iTunes not Android. They will take the tablet back and end up buying the more expensive iPad Mini.

People have different taste, different needs and expectations on devices so I think reviewers that are not focused to a specific audience will recommend more than one device. I wouldn't expect a site dedicated to android or apple to recommend the other platform. Also people do become biased to one brand/platform. There are Apple and Android fan-boys out there.
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The big problem with GDGT scores is context, specifically the state of the market when a product is released. If both the Mini and the 7 (2nd gen) were released on the same day, I'd be astonished if the Mini received a better score. My guess is you would see something like an 85 and a 92, respectively, because you'd note how much better the hardware on the 7 is and how much cheaper it costs. But the Mini has been out for around 9 months.

That's how I would explain the GDGT score. It's merely unfortunate that right now someone who didn't know better would see the two tablets on here and assume the Mini was better right now because the number is bigger.

I do agree that if an article claims the Mini is currently ahead of the 7, that's very questionable. I don't think there are any good arguments for that, and ecosystem momentum isn't a good argument for why one device is objectively better than the other. The thing is, I haven't really seen anyone claiming that the Mini is better right now. Where are you seeing that? And I don't count Gruber.
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There is no reason enik...simply none. Context or no context, I guarantee you the next ipad mini will outscore this second gen nexus 7 even if it doesn't have a retina display. I'll come back and eat crow if I'm wrong.
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The Big difference is Price. One Browser with iPad mini and 3 or more with Nexus 7. Voice command on Nexus 7 is Great where iPad mini needs more work. The size of the Nexus 7 fits in your hand and put it in your pocket or purse it just works better than the iPad mini. A hundred dollars more for iPad mini ? I don't think so. Pete
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