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July 25th 2011 6:44 pm

What music services are missing from Sonos?

For those of you who have a Sonos unit (or are considering one), what music services do you think are currently missing?

Off the top of my head, I think maybe:
* eMusic? (if they do streaming -- I gather they don't yet)
* Google Music
* Grooveshark

What else should be there that isn't already?

For reference, here is a list of services currently on Sonos:­/music/

* Aupeo
* iheartradio
* Napster
* Pandora
* Rdio
* Rhapsody
* SiriusXM
* Spotify
* Stitcher
* TuneIn Radio
* Wolfgang's Vault
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It'd be nice if they allowed developers to create their own plug-ins sort of how Roku does so that some of the less mainstream services could be used. Subsonic, JRiver and Audiogalaxy are all pretty popular media streaming services for personal media and I'm sure some would like being able to utilize it with Sonos.
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dave's pick

Well, if we're including Google Music, what about Amazon Cloud Player as well?
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The services I wish were there are the services I use and also the services I frankly wouldn't expect would be there :)

Namely, those services are Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, and most importantly for me: Zune.

Of those three, I would hope Zune to be there and figure it to be more likely than the others, but Microsoft doesn't seem to want to put their wonderful subscription service anywhere other than the dead Zune and the almost-alive WP7...
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I'm a big podcast listener, Dave. Does it have support for MediaFly or other similar services?
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is sonos video next?
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Subsonic API.
Would be great to be able to sign into your Subsonic server when you are away from home and with someones else's Sonos system.
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There is already a service out there that allows this:
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