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October 30th 2012 11:38 pm

What resolution setting do you use?

Does the resolution scaling really scale the resolution or just the relative size of UI elements? If I show a photo on screen, I'd like that to use all the pixels in the display, not have that scaled. The highest "scaled" resolution option on the 13" is 1680x1050. I want more screen real estate than that, but I don't need to run native resolution either. My Asus 13.3" at 1920x1080 is just about right. Can I run that on a 13" MBP Retina with one of those graphics utilities out there? Thanks.
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I also use the "Best for Retina" most of the time, when I need more space I flip to the scaled ones, but they look much less crisp.
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I use the default resolution (Best for Retina Display). The majority of apps I use have been updated to take advantage of that so I don't have scaling issues and the photos look beautiful.
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