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October 21st 2011 2:27 pm

What's a good KVM switch to use between desktop PC and MacBook Pro

Here's my setup basically:

Tower w/ DVI ports
USB Keyboard
USB Mouse
Apple Cinema Display (hah)

MacBook Pro:
15-inch unibody with mini-DVI

Prior to building my PC, I had the MacBook Pro on a stand and it would use my Cinema Display in a dual-monitor configuration. Now, the PC uses the Cinema display -- it's a pain to constantly unconnect and reconnect everything, so my MacBook Pro no longer uses a dual monitor setup at home.

I figured the easy solution is a KVM switch. Does anyone have some decent suggestions for one?

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I own three of the DVI 3-system KVMs that are sold by Monoprice.­/products­/product.asp­?c­_id­=101­&am...

While claimed video resolution is limited to 1600x1200, it works fine with 1920x1200 displays (old-ish Apple Cinema Display and a Dell U2410). I use it with Macs and PCs, and have not had any serious problems. However, I do not use the audio cables; and can not speak to any issues with audio switching. Also, if you need custom cable lengths, you might want to go with the 4-system model as there is no point in paying for cables you are not going to use.

The only problem, not unique to this KVM, is support for some gaming keyboards and mice. Specifically, the Logitech G19 does not work at all - even though it is supported on both OS X and Windows. However, I've had no problems with less exotic keyboards and mice. Also, I have not tried it with any of Apple's keyboards, mice or trackpad.
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