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September 20th 2012 9:53 pm

What's a great public transit app to use with the iOS 6 Map app?

Undoubtedly, there have to be others out there who use public transit and are disappointed with the lack of handling for directions via public transit in Apple's map app. I tried Transit, but the arrival times don't seem to be accurate, at least for SF Muni (even with what looks to be GPS tracked vehicles). Has anyone got any pointers? Bonus points for apps that work in San Francisco.

Edit: Specifically looking for a public transit routing app that can use the Route function from the Apple Maps app.

Update 28/9/2012: There was a recent update to Transit which seems to correct the arrival times issue. So far, I've liked this app the most.

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Transporter is one of the go-to transit apps for SF. I recommend it!­/us­/app­/transporter­-real­-time­-publ...
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I've been looking as well, but the pickings are slim. Hopstop looks promising, but there's a giant ad right at the bottom.

Lumatic City Maps:­/app­/id501673331
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I use Embark, albeit on Android, for when I'm trekking around New York.
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We've started our own list of must-have transit apps. We'll be sure to check out some of the ones mentioned here.­/best­/apps­/mapping­-transit/
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