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April 30th 2012 12:26 am

What's better for me? The new Ipad or Ps Vita?

To start off I am an owner of a smartphone as well as an Ipod and many other electronic goods. I want to update my collection, I've never had a Psp before. I do have a Nintendo Ds which is quite old and I never use it. My Ipod is currently unused as I've temporarily miss-placed the charger. I'm searching for a rather portable device, which I know goes more in favor of the Vita but I want a product worth the cash (not that I don't think the Vita isn't but you get my point, right?).

I am a gamer of which I usually more prone to online games such as RoM (Runes of Magic), but I do have a semi-preference for Rachet and Clank type of games. I'd prefer something with an average or above camera as I have found my Ipod's camera isn't the most astounding thing in the world. Surfing the web at a reasonable speed is also a factor. I'd like a device with a reasonable battery life because I do use my electronics frequently. And last of all I'd like to store music and photographs that I can access on the go.
-Which in your opinion is more cost effective?
-If the Vita, is there any games you would recommend?

Earthangel x.
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Disclaimer: I don't own either an iPad or PS Vita myself, but I've been around and used them quite a bit that may help in your decision.

As a gamer, you will definitely feel at home with the Vita's controls. There are games on the iPad that make use of virtual touch screen controls, but those never really feel good.
On the types of games you mentioned: No word any Vita games available now that are for those tastes specifically, being that there isn't much yet, but the previous PSP library may help. There's definitely a lot of RPGs in the PSP's library that you can download off the PSN store to play on your Vita. And there was even a pretty good Ratchet & Clank game on the PSP, "Size Matters", but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available on the PlayStation Store, last I checked.
I can't think of any Ratchet-and-Clank-ey games on the iPad, which there may be, but there's definitely several RPGs on Apple's app store. There's even a few actual MMOs on there. (side note: Vita appears to be capable of having full-on MMOs as well, but no games have been announced that actually are).

As for the 'essentials': The camera on the iPad, especially the latest one, is really great. No doubt about that; The quality from the rear camera is really nice. Unfortunately for the Vita: It's cameras are rather subpar. You may be better off taking photos from your smart phone (also, curious: What kind of phone do you have? Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone?) The Vita's cameras are nice for the likes of gameplay, like some Augmented Reality games (which seem a lot more accurate than iPad AR), but for actually sharing what you see, the iPad is the way to go between these two. For better or worse, though: You'll be seen holding up that big iPad just to record a video or take a picture...
Surfing the web on the Vita works, but not quite to the degree that you'll find on the iPad. Both devices will also store/play music and photos. Some may say that the iPad may be best for playing those types of media, but both seem alright to me.

As for battery life, you will unfortunately get about 3-5 hours of straight gameplay on the Vita. The iPad, however, can last you about 10 hours from a single charge. I haven't heard anything about the Vita's battery life drastically diminishing yet, but clearly for the iPad, that isn't too much of a worry.

Another thing to keep in mind: Price. For the base wifi model of a Vita is about $249. A memory card, which is essentially REQUIRED, yet not included with each Vita, can cost you from $19.99 for 4 GB up to $99.99 for 32 GB. Vita games will also run you about $9.99-$49.99.
A 16 GB wifi iPad will cost about $499, up to a 64 GB wifi iPad is $699. Many iOS apps are either free or $0.99 or a little higher.

While the iPad is a bit more costly, I feel that that may be best in the long run. You'll find more use with the iPad with it's apps. The Vita itself, however, can do similar things to what the iPad has to offer, like web browsing, music/video/photo playback, cameras, and several of it's own apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Netflix, and Flickr. However, the iPad tends to do all of those a little better, except games for gamers. You won't get the same console-quality games on the iPad since there are no buttons and it's not a dedicated gaming system, although, there isn't that many games available on the Vita right now to probably warrant the purchase. But keep in mind that there will definitely be games on the system that you can't find anywhere else, like the inevitable Ratchet & Clank portable sequel.

In the end: It comes down to a pricey gaming-focused machine with some multimedia capabilities, or the even pricier do-it-all-device that, well, pretty much does everything except proper console-style games.
What would I do if I were in your shoes? Wait.
There's always rumors about another iPad coming in and/or a price cut from Apple, and E3 is just around the corner and Sony could very well announce a much-needed price cut of their own as well as some games and apps coming to the Vita that may make the system appear more worth it.
But if I were to just base my opinions just off of what's available now, I would have to lean towards the iPad.

Hope that helps and best of luck deciding on your next purchase!
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I've only used the Vita once so I can't tell you too much about that, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem to impress too much and isn't selling fantastically.
To me, it seems the iPad would be a better choice for you.
In terms of games, you can go from addictive games like Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride to games with outstandingly beautiful graphics and gameplay like Infinity Blade II.
I believe the camera on the new iPad is quite good - 1080p and 5 MP. See examples here: https:­/­/­/photos­/johnkarakatsanis­/...
I think the iPad is the best portable way to surf the web.
The battery life is 10 hours of constant use - certainly enough to last all day with normal usage levels.
iPad can store your music and photographs - in fact the new iPad's retina display is the best way to view digital photos.
I think you'd use an iPad more so it's well worth the higher price.
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If you are going to use the device primarily for gaming, go with the Vita. It has been an awesome gaming machine. The iPad does not even come close. The Vita's resolution, while not as stunning as the iPad 3, is excellent. The controls feel very natural - there is no substitute for actual sticks, buttons and pads.

If you are going to primarily be web surfing, listening to music or viewing pictures, go with the iPad. The vita's browser isn't bad but it does not compare to any competent tablet. As for music and pictures, Sony requires that you use an ap called Content Manger to move files to and from the Vita. While this ap is designed to prevent hacking of the Vita's OS, it is horrible to use. The antithesis of user friendly.

So, examine your priorities and make a decision based on what's important to you. At the end of the day, they are both pretty cool pieces of tech and you won't be disappointed either way you go.
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Really it does boil down to what your more intended use will be. The iPad, or any tablet, is a great on-the-go laptop replacement that allows for varied uses, especially web browsing, photo access and music. The Vita, while it can perform many of the same functions, is a much better device for traditional gaming - a PS3 on the go, as it were.

I own an iPad 2 and a Vita. Recently, due to the large number of games I have for iOS, I contemplated buying an iPod Touch as a portable gaming device. I was deterred when I realized that the deepest game on iOS couldn't hold a candle to the Vita exclusive Gravity Rush. Playing its demo made me realize how much more I enjoy having buttons and control sticks versus on-screen d-pads and virtual buttons.

Another possibility is getting a Vita and a more cost effective tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) is available for $250. That with a $300 Vita (if you spring for the GSM version) is only $50 more than the cheapest iPad 3. That might yield the best of both worlds, especially if you can tether the tablet via your smartphone.
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