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June 30th 2011 4:47 pm

What's the best codec to rip a DVD to that is mostly loss less, has surround sound support, works on PS3 and good for the future?

I usually use h.264/mp4 but if anyone has a specific software+setting combo that works really well for them please share. I plug my external into a ps3 and playback like that so space is not an issue.
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Here is the manual page specific to video formats supported by the PS3­/document­/en­/ps3­/current­/vi...

It looks like only two do Dolby Digital and everything else will be AAC or LPCM. Unfortunately it does not appear to support ways of playing ripped movies with full 5.1 support.
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I use DVDFab to both rip and convert my videos to h264 video, source audio and use a bit rate of 3000kbps and have found that's pretty indistinguishable from the DVD video. I stream the videos to my PS3 using a media server and the PS3 media server software but there is software that lets your remux (remuxing is very quick) your MKV files to VOB files which will play on the PS3.
You could also use handbrake, but that's not as simple as DVDFab. (forum about mkv2vob­/showthread.php­?t­=131782)
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