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August 1st 2011 3:48 pm

What's the best tech for HDTV? Plasma, LED, LCD?

will be used for blu-ray/dvd, xbox 360, cable/satellite
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These days there is less of a difference between picture quality of LCD, LED and Plasma than there used to be five years back. I currently own a 42-inch Panasonic Plasma television and it looks fantastic with my Sharp Blu-Ray player. The blacks are deep, the colors are rich and once calibrated properly skin-tones are realistic.

In the end, it all comes down to price, where you want the television to be in a room and how many seats the room will have. Even if they have improved it can still be difficult to view certain LCD TVs from off-angle positions. Plasmas can suffer from light glare if there is an opened curtain or a nearby lamp. LED TVs consume less power than LCD TVs and have a higher color contrast but can suffer from occasional flickering from the backlight. No technology is perfect.

Figure out what size you'd like to go for (don't go smaller than 42-inches if you go Plasma) and what price you're willing to spend and then go from there; there are tons of reviews online to look through if you find a model that fits your specifications. Also, be sure to calibrate whatever TV you wind up with. TweakTV,, is a great place to start for that. Finally, factor in warranty in case something goes wrong with the TV; you never want to be stuck with a TV that you need to put more money into early into its life cycle.
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Plasmas are always going to be the best for real color representation, black levels and legitimate contrast ratios.

The sad part is that the best plasma maker, Pioneer, no longer makes them.
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Plasma = Real color + deep black + high contrast + best 3D + Cheap price
LCD = So sharp and crisp + high Brightness + long life time + more expensive price

Plasma = for cinema movies and long staying on TV
LCD = for computer and sharp detail and games
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