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May 30th 2011 9:42 am

What's the deal with the Padfone? Is it a Pad or is it a fone?

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih had the same question (along with some nice gadget-revealing showmanship):­/watch­?v­=sqjoRMHyYQc

I think Asus is purposely trying to screw with us at gdgt in terms of categorizing devices!

I added this as a phone because you can use the phone by itself, but not the tablet add-on (at least I think this is the case).
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Definitely should be a phone. The tablet is simply a dock because it only works with the phone in it... The Atrix is basically the same thing but with a laptop dock, that's definitely a phone....

Anyways, I want one :)

Especially with a little ice cream sandwich on the inside
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I'm interested in this device but will add it to my watch list rather than my want list at this point. I'm not entirely sold on this yet. And the name is just... terrible... in ways that are even worse than the iPad name. Let's hope they have the good sense not to release this one in white.
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