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December 23rd 2011 9:44 am

What's your ecosystem for uploading, editing, backing up and sharing your photos and videos?

It's the time of year for picture and video taking. I'd love to hear how others, especially parents and hobbyists, set up their systems for uploading, editing, sharing, viewing, and backing up their photos and videos? I'm a little all over the place. I did recently buy a WD drive that will share my media across several computers and, ostensibly, over the web. I'm on Flickr and just started using Picasa Web Albums. I'm more interested in sharing and viewing than backing up. Are Flickr and Picasa Web Albums redundant as tools? Does anyone use Pogoplug? What programs do you use to view, upload, organize, edit and just plain interface with your photos and videos on your own computer? My wife got so used to the very simple old software that came w/ our old Canon camera that she wants me to install it on her new laptop! Simple is good and Picasa is a little confusing if you're not used to it, but it seems like a super powerful tool. To watch home videos, we pretty much just go to Windows Explorer and just click on them, but should the interface be one of the media players? Thanks and happy holidays everyone.
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A year ago I would have had a really solid answer to your over all question but since the Air went the way of sticky fingers I've been without a good system. I haven't even set up my back up drives!! I'm going to use this thread as the motivator to get me doing that again.

For sharing images, it largely depends on what I'm sharing and with whom.

Before G+ If I wanted to do a quick and dirty share I would throw stuff on FB (that's the easiest way to reach family/extended friends).

I find now that I use G+ for most sharing and am happy to link back to the post or album on Twitter and Facebook. This lets me keep things central instead of having collections all over the place.

For non-day to day sharing, like if I'm sharing a collection of photos or a specific event I will host them myself (this lets me make sure the quality is exactly what I want it to be.. FB destroys images while downsizing and I think Google has a ways to go with G+ & Picasa in terms of interface).

The database for my gallery corrupted like two years ago and I still haven't fixed it. I'd really like to get to the point that I'm hosting all the images I share and can just point people there. The trick is finding time. ;)

In terms of software, I like Picasa more than iPhoto however Picasa can't handle even 1/4 of the photos I have backed up so when I was using Picasa I had to plan ahead which was annoying.

My mom has a lot of good stuff to say about Adobe Elements. That software often comes with cameras. I've never used it personally.
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In my situation most of the family and friends I'll be sharing my pictures and videos with use facebook, so that is what I primarily use for sharing. When it comes to managing photos in my home computer, I use iPhoto on the iMac. I think the Picasa client is fairly similar, but I don't have much experience with it.

Back when we had only one child sharing every picture with family and friends was a huge deal. Three more kids later it has become less of a priority. I hope you find something that works and keeps you motivated in doing this. It's been harder for us the busier life has gotten. Happy holidays, Barry!
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I have a Pogoplug 4 coming in the mail but for pics and videos I've always just used Facebook. It's pretty cool how people can comment, tag and see them all at once instead of having to see the whole slideshow. Some HD videos are too big to put on facebook, but I've never had issues with pics. After I get my pogoplug I will post about if it's easy to use for accessing music/pics/videos and the sorts across all my devices. (PS3, Windows Vista, Mac, iPhone, Android/PSP)
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