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July 12th 2012 9:14 pm

What type of microSD cards can Surface for RT read?

The PDF spec sheet on states that the RT version supports microSD and the Pro version supports microSDXC. So, when they say simply microSD, does that mean HC, XC or what?
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Means MicroSD HC

Multiple sources say the Surface RT supports cards up to 32GB which is exactly the HC standard. It will not support more than that (or XC), and Microsoft would have labelled both with the XC label if it did.

One such source:­/comparisons­/1445622­/microso...
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I wanted to provide an updated answer to this question. The Surface for Windows RT will support SDXC microSD cards.­/Surface­/en­-US­/surface­-with­-windo...
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It also has a USB port which means you can, potentially, plug in a USB thumb drive/external hard drive for more storage as well. Just saying.
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The Surface RT uses a Micro SDXC card and they can be pretty hard to find in stores. I got one at Fry's (SanDisk 64GB). A lot of the sales people in stores have not heard of them. I checked Target, OfficeMax, Verizon, AT&T before finding one. It's not hard to find them online (Amazon etc).

Before I got it, I looked at some forums and there were a lot of posts about the Surface not automatically recognizing the card when you plug it in. The same thing happened to me. I put it in and the Surface did not give me a message or report any more storage space.

I checked in the Desktop using Windows Explorer and it was not showing up there either. I had to go to the Control Panel App and then navigate through System and Security and Administrative Tools to run the Computer Management Applet.

In it, there is a tool called Disk Management. The card shows up in it as an unformatted removable disk. It needs to be formatted to NTFS and assigned a drive letter. Then it will show up in Windows explorer and can be used.

The Surface will not automatically use that storage for pictures, music, documents, and video though. For that I had to add the new storage to the Libaries and it's not seamless.

Personally I think this should be an automatic thing and hopefully Microsoft will add it in an update so that when you plug in the card, it guides you through setting it up and extending the storage space seamlessly.

If you are just using the Surface as an iPad equivalent and aren't wanting to dig in on the older Wondows side of things, then I'd wait for more seamless support from Microsoft.
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I purchased the 64gb SanDisk MicroSDXC from Amazon and it worked great out of the box on my Surface. No tweaking needed. Here's the link to the product I purchased:­/gp­/product­/B009QZH6JS­/ref­=as­_li­_ss­_...
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