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February 10th 2014 9:13 am

What would be a good 4K video camera for home users?

I recently bought a Sony 4K Tv and am need of capturing some 4k video for under 3k. I see a bunch of pro cameras, but home usage is hard to come by. My target is nature, but having the ability to fill faster paced objects would be nice.
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It sounds like the Lumix GH4 could be right for you. They just announced it, but sadly, there is no release date just yet. But it should be priced around $2,000. Crazy!

More info:­/products­/panasonic­/lumix­/gh4/­/2014­/02­/09­/panasonic­-lumix­-gh4­-sa...
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There is a consumer Sony FDRAX100/B (4K camcorder). I got my first 4K monitor last holiday for home use. It's a Seiki 39" 4K TV. It replaces my two 24" monitors setup. Had to purchase an entry video card ($129) to run at native 4K resolution. The experience is totally different from a dual monitor setup.
I'm still waiting for more choices of 4K camcorder/camera to do 4K video.
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