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June 6th 2011 11:44 am

When/How should I charge my iPad 2?

I would like to know which is the best way to charge the iPad 2. Should I try to run it completely empty and then charge it to 100%, to keep the number of recharges low? Or is there a better, more battery friendly way of charging the iPad?
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Here's apple's site talking about iPad and the battery life.­/batteries­/ipad.html

There's lots of good info in that page.
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@edmondsjm above has posted a helpful resource to take a look at.

I personally recommend not leaving it charged over night, and at least once a month do a full recharge cycle to keep the battery life health. A full recharge cycle at 100% until it completely until it hits 0% (or in other worlds until it is in complete need for charge). This will help keep your iPad's battery healthy and/or good state.

To keep recycle charges low try to only charge your iPad only when really needed; maybe around 0% to 10% of battery life versus charging it at when battery life is 30% or above (from time-to-time it does not hurt to keep these tips on mind).

P.S: Use a trusted brand of charge or Apple's very own charger adapter to charge your iPad. I had a problem in the past with third party chargers, but just a tip to keep in mind,

— Hope this has helped you, and have a wonderful day.
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You should charge it when the battery dies, and charge it using electricity.
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