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November 23rd 2009 10:29 pm

When the headphone jack shorts out. Here's your fix.

Go to Radio Shack, Buy a Gold Series Stereo Audio 1/8" Plug for $3.99.

Avoid any plug that says "phone" plug on it. The clerk will probably tell you it'll work but it won't. I actually had one clerk tell me that it was identical and the company just put the "phone" label on it to confuse people... yeah.

Anyway, I put this in my review of the product and figured someone might check the support section for repair info too.

Super easy repair.

Snip off the cable end close to the jack with scissors, or wire cutters.
Gently cut away about an inch of the rubber coating and pull the wires gently to make sure they aren't broken further up the line.

If you get a big chunk of cable, then snip another section off until you get three solid cables you can work with.

If you get a few small strands of wire don't sweat it. As long as the majority of the bundle is intact you're ready to repair them!

Now on to the "putting it together" part.

1. Slip the main housing and the "cable guide" that looks like a spring, over all the wires and then attach the three wires to the terminals on the plug.

2. Unscrew the screws in the terminals, and attach the following wires. (make a small J shape in the wire and hook it over the threads)

Copper = longest terminal (It's the ground)
Red = second longest terminal (right speaker)
Blue = Shortest terminal (left speaker)

3. Once you've got them all looped around the screws, tighten them down to pinch the wires in place.

4. Then screw the housing down onto the plug and plug it into a computer.

5. Use the computers audio properties menu (there should be a balance slider) to test the individual left/right channels.

Done! $100 dead headphones have been revived with a 4 dollar part, a screwdriver and a little bit of time.

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Or you could send them back to Bose with the lifetime warranty.
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I had to switch the red and blue wires, but other then that great fix!
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Been there, done that!

But as I've had mine for AGES they eventually just wore out completely and alas no longer work.
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I had to swtich the blue and red cords as well but it worked!! Saved me from buying another pair of Bose earphones. Thank you for the post!
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Okay, here's an interesting one I need some help with:
I've spliced on some Skull Candy ear-buds to my iPhone cable (mic/play/pause). This was pretty straight forwards, just a little soldering involved.

Now I'd like to take these ear-buds and put them onto my iPhone cable in order to have a mic for my phone calls...
Two questions:
1. How do I open the bose ear-buds to expose the connectors inside? There seems to be a paper-clip sized hole on them connecting the driver side to the front side...I could just pry this open from here, but I'm afraid to break them!
2. Is the black bit bulging out at the bottom of the bose wires necessary? I'm guessing it might have something to do with impedance...

Any help at all dissecting these would be helpful!
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this seems easy enough, but question - i have a bose mobile in ear headset. obviously they'll be an extra wire for the microphone. How can I overcome this obstacle?


and is it true that bose will offer to sell for half the price? I lost my warranty (i got it less than a year ago) but both earbuds have lost sound.

thanks for your help!
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