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January 12th 2012 6:30 pm

Which 4g phone should I buy?

I have AT&T with a grandfathered unlimited data plan but prefer Verizon's performance. I am using an iphone 3gs. Itunes frakked my music collection and I hate it. I need Exchange support, though we do have a BES in house. Security is the most important. Had a BB curve a couple of years ago it was SOOOooo Slow and I had to pull the battery so often, I installed the battery puller app.
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If you can wait a few months i would. AT&T has started to roll its 4G and Verizon has said that it will not sell any phones not 4G compatible any more. that gives the impression the next iPhone will be 4G but as we are speaking apple and carriers I'm sure Apple will get its way if it choose the next phone to be a 3G device i'm sure Verizon will carry it.

CES, had a lot of new phones that are coming out this year some sooner rather than later. i really like the Galaxy Note which is coming out on AT&T soon.

If you are switching to Verizon the Galaxy Nexus is still the best phone but i really think that is mostly because of Ice Cream Sandwich. I like the Specifications and features of the Razor and the new Razor Maxx (not released yet). The Razor does not have ICS yet but they say it will get it.

the iPhone supports Exchange native in its own e-mail application. the Androids depending on your Exchange confirmation may not support it. if that is the case you can download an application from the Market called "Touch Down" that support most of the exchange configurations that are out there. Also one of things i like about the application as apposed to the native app like on the iPhone is that the more password is only used to launch the application and not lock the phone so i can still use gesture locks or simple lock password for the phone but when i need to use touchdown i have to enter my longer and more secure password.

I agree with Fanfoot on the Windows phone the Nokia Lumia 900 is it.
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My pick would be to wait for iPhone 5 likely in September or so and keep your 3GS for now. I don't care about security personally, but going into an Android phone would essentially nullify your attempt to keep security as your #1 priority. Similar to getting viruses on computers, getting viruses and being hacked on Android phones is growing in popularity, though I still imagine there's plenty of ways around it and ways to prevent it. You could try a Windows Phone, like the Titan, but I don't know much about actually using the Windows OS on a smartphone. AT&T is always going to have the fastest internet, though Verizon may be more stable depending on where you live and Verizon's voice network will likely be better. Verizon's 4G is simply not going to be faster than AT&T's though right now they have 4G in more places.

My wife loves her Droid Incredible and they just made a second iteration if you want to give that a try on Verizon, otherwise I would say it's best to stay on AT&T, see if a Windows Phone makes sense for you vs thinking about just waiting for the next iPhone. If you are up for an upgrade on AT&T the iPhone 4S has access to AT&T HSPA network, which is being called 3.5G and the main reason why all the dumbass commercials spouting new phones are not only saying 4G, but saying 4G LTE.
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Up here in Canada we are getting the Galaxy Note and Lumia 800, and we just got the Galaxy Nexus. I am waiting for the Note, it is so unique and offer things other phones don't. Plus it will be LTE capable here.

That is my vote!
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Apple is likely to release an LTE phone this year, though of course AT&T thinks the current iPhone is 4G. But you don't seem to want another iPhone...

If you're going to go with an Android phone there's no other choice really... get the Galaxy Nexus Prime phone on Verizon. You shouldn't look at anything else.

If you're considering a Windows Phone then go with the new Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T. Nothing else. Course you'll have to wait until early March...
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