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April 17th 2012 12:17 am

Which Android phone with ICS should I buy in Range of $400 ?

No Samsung please!!!

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You can check out the highest rated phones over at our cellphone review page here:­/reviews­/cellphones/

In general though, the HTC One X (­/htc­/one­/x/), One S (­/htc­/one­/s/), and One V (­/htc­/one­/v/) are the newest phones to come out with Ice Cream Sandwich, and the One S and One V are probably within your price range if you're looking for a carrier subsidized phone.
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What carrier and country are you looking for? AT&T and USA?

There are not many phones with Ice Cream Sandwich are out right now, and most of them are new. This means that they are generally over $400 if you are looking for an unlocked phone.

If that $400 is on contract, then you will have more options
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