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June 19th 2013 11:56 am

Which app is the best google reader alternative?

I am a Google Reader junkie. This week I have been exploring alternatives to get my RSS fix. I was trying feedbin ($2/month) with Press (Android App) and I still think the experience could have been better.

The Feedly Cloud launched today and it solves a lot of the issues I had with feedbin. I wanted scroll-to-read and the ability to not have to click or use my keyboard. I am lazy and just want to use my scroll wheel.

Now there are a bunch of apps with support for the Feedly cloud backend

I have tried Press and think it is decent, but syncs seem really slow.
I am currently trying Feedly's own cloud app, and it is not bad, but it requires too much interaction to get where I want to be.

Ideally I want to swipe between all my articles with auto-mark-as read, fast sync, perhaps a good use of a mobilizer.

Have any of you found a good solution (or app, perhaps in the picture above) that you can live with on a daily basis?
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I guess the Feedly Cloud will be the go to place to have your main account. It looks like everyone is aiming to integrate with the Feedly Cloud as the back-end, like they did with Google Reader.

My primary source for consumption is the Google Reader web UI. When showing article titles only, the Feedly web UI seems to be a decent replacement to Google Reader, but I haven't really tried reading much from there, so I can't say.

One thing I'm very excited about is the new Digg Reader. The problem is, it'll launch way too late (read: almost Google Reader's deathday) that I can't entirely count on that to be the one.
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Sadly, I think this is one area Android has really been lacking in compared to iOS. I think Press offered the best option for a simple, streamlined approach to reading your feed but I think it's been faltering a bit with the integrations. The design made sense with Reader but I think since Feedbin, Feedly, FeedWrangler, et all approach RSS differently it's not been able to translate over as nicely.

I also agree with Feedly that for as much as it offers, it's almost TOO much. This is why I too went with feedbin and have for the most part been happy with it but there is simple things I wish it could (quick toggle to save to pocket) but overall have not been disappointed for $2/month. I may need to revisit feedly purely for IFTTT integration.

I am still waiting to try out Fever which has an interesting approach to RSS. I can't properly explain it but their site has a video that makes it intriguing. They plan to integrate with Press and Reeder but no time table for either. The one major downside is you have to host it yourself.

I also looked into Newsblur but have been left feeling very underwhelmed by it. Netvibes looks nice but it lacks the full experience Reader was able to provide.

At the end of the day I think Feedly is coming closest to matching what Reader allowed but I still can't get over their approach to consumption.
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I have enjoyed using Newsblur ( for the last month or two. Of course, it doesn't sync with other readers but, does provide a nice web and app interface.

I think I will export my feeds at some point and put them into Feedly to sync with Press. I enjoyed using that app on my phone before switching to Newsblur and always like trying out new and old apps to see what has improved or what hasn't improved.
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sure ... FEEDLY is the best .. I using it on iOS
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I feel your pain but I actually think Feedly is an apt replacement for Google Reader. Sure it takes some getting used to - and there's some customizations that need to happen upfront to really get things humming - but I like it. It's particularly important for my feeds to sync across all my devices and desktop browsers and so far it seems to be working pretty well in that regard.
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