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March 13th 2012 12:06 pm

Which iPad 3rd Gen should I get Wifi, Verizon LTE, or AT&T LTE?

I have AT&T on my iPhone 4. I like to travel both in the US and outside the US. I've read different opinions around whether you need the LTE or not. Some get the WIFI only because they can use a MiFi device (like the Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot) for AT&T or Verizon and have that flexibility. Others recomend getting an LTE enabled iPad because it has GPS "Assisted". IF I go with an LTE which service has the greatest flexibility in the US and international? I don't know if I would use the LTE more than once in awhile but not sure as this is my first iPad. I surf on my phone a lot, so that is in constant use.
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I personaly have ordered the Verizon version. i don't travel outside the US as much as i used to so coverage is not that a big a deal for me. i do use Navigon on my iPad almost daily definitely at least once a week. For me i picked Verizon because they have the largest LTE network right now from what i understand.

I pasted what they say on the site at the bottom of this comment. But if you go 4G i would lean towards AT&T as they work better outside the US and their more compatible with other carriers networks.

As for choosing between WiFi and 4G thats really up to you. i like the 4G because i can surf any where i don't have to join a network, get the password of the day from the clerk in the hotel or the barista at the Coffee shop i can just use the device. But i also use it when i am out and about which is why i like the 4G. Yes you can get a mifi but why carry around yet another device on top the iPad and what ever phone you are using? if you can afford the extra cost for the 4G its a nice convenience to have. if you can't i would suggest getting the most storage you can over the 4G if that is a concern for you.

Here is apple's blurb on traveling abroad.

The new iPad offers the most comprehensive support for fast networks around the world. It’s designed with two cellular antennas tuned to 12 different bands that access a larger frequency spectrum. That means you can travel almost anywhere in the world and get online. And your connection is always fast. iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G models for AT&T and for Verizon connect to GSM/UMTS networks worldwide. But if you want a local connection when you’re traveling, just pop in a local SIM card.
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I think you should get a WiFi iPad:
  • Save money. It is cheaper upfront: $499 compared to $629 for 16GB. Also, you won't have to pay $15-$50 per month for a data plan that you think you'll use once in a while
  • If you need to, you can use WiFi tethering/hotspotting to get internet on your iPad while you don't have WiFi access, but I think you could just use your phone for that
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