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October 25th 2011 11:05 pm

Which is the best of the NEX series?

Looking into buying one, but not sure which model. Is it worth it getting the C3?
I want best overall quality, and don't mind paying more for it.
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The NEX-7 is targeted at serious amateurs and therefore compared with other NEX models, it has better controls, it is better built and its 24 mega pixels sensor is class leading. Image quality wise, DxO Labs has just released its evaluation and puts the NEX-7 on top of almost every existing DSLR, even pro models.­/index.php­/Cameras­/Camera­-Sensor­-Ra...
As for availability, the production was seriously affected by the flood in Thailand. The camera will trickle in in the next few weeks but it will be hard to get at first due to the limited availability and the long waiting list.
You can follow the latest reports and rumours at
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A lot of what I've been reading is that the noise at higher ISO's is better on the 5N than it is on the 7; specifically because the sensor size is the same, but they've crammed in fewer pixels. Most of the samples I've seen, I like the quality on the 5n over the 7.
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I just bought the NEX 5n. Although I expect the 7 is a better camera, it's way beyond my budget and honestly, I'm a bit too amateur to really appreciate the difference anyway. I was very torn between the C3 and the 5n. Engadget said the 5n camera body clicks a lot during video taking, rendering audio useless and the C3 is quite nearly as good in most aspects. For me it came down to a better ISO, better battery life, and the touchscreen that made the decision.
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The 3 is priced around $600 and the 5n is around $700. Only $100 diff, but when you compare the specs, the 5n is light years better than the 3. So the 5n is a much better value.
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Anyone ???
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NEX-7. Announced by Sony. Not out yet. At least, I can;t find any retailer with stock.
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