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June 29th 2011 9:13 am

Which of these provides the easiest multi-device use?

I want to start saving to pick up a pair of headphones for online gaming. I've been using a $10 pair of headphones on my laptop and they're not the most comfortable. Since my gaming is split between my Xbox and PC I'm looking for a set up that is easy and quick enough to switch between the two. I looked at online product manuals but I'm looking for more personal experience.
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RE: X41's

If your PC has digital audio out (TOSLink) and an available USB port, it's an easy switch.
Digging behind desks and entertainment centers is another story.

Also, you don't *need* digital audio to use these, but it'll yield the best results when pinpointing where that damned sniper is shooting from. ;)
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Re: Astro A40, they are the most versatile gaming headsets i have ever used and I am saving for a pair myself. On a recent trip I used a friends to not only game with but also with my Cell phone. I wouldn't recommend walking the streets with them but being able to take them from xbox to pc to smartphone is great.
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