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October 26th 2009 5:48 am

which one is a better buy kindle or nook

between the nook and the kindle which will offer a better value for the money and also which will be more than reinvent the market of the e-book reader.

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Stupid book publishers and book sellers. There should only be one format for e-books, and all devices should use that format.
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If you need to read tech books, go for a Kindle DX. Most code snippets get cut off on any other device I've used.
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I like the Nook. But I am still waiting to see if Apple release a tablet.
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Baring the Apple Tablet being in the sub-$300 market, I would say you really want to get a Nook. It is much more open and future-proof.
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9i kind of agree with you JustinPearce,but we still have to see what the others are bringing to the market. As we may see even amazon had to drop their price and switch carrier for their and with rumors that borders is entering the game. The only thing needs to do is to strike within the same price point and lots of features and also an open platform ( yeah right !).
all we have to do is to wait and see what the engineers will bring to the market and to the consumers/readers.

N.B: And also does that mean apple will be selling book online as well?
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With support for epub, pdf and wifi, the Nook has a clear advantage. The bottom touch screen could be good too - as long as it doesn't result in battery life taking a big hit.
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The nook definitely looks better (to me, anyway) and it is less cluttered due to the lack of buttons and the use of a multi-functional touchscreen.

It has a colour screen which is good compared to the Kindle... but? Available in February? What? AHHHHHH!

It is good, yes, as it shows that people are interested in buying the nook.
But for me... nope.

It seems that I will need to endure some tormenting 2 months before I can even consider it.

But I would still go for the nook, assuming Amazon doesn't change their model by then.
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I like Barnes and Noble, and I like the Nook, but if I had to, I'd still get a Kindle because the software on the Nook isn't really mature yet.
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I would wait for the next gen model or the apple tablet, if and when it comes out. Both of these devices are still really rough and need some serious polish.
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I totally agree with Hominym. If the nook were a little more mature I think it would be the one to buy, but if you have to buy one today I would also pick the Kindle. In 6 months time, however, this whole market will be quite a bit different.
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I received the Kindle 1 as a 'hand-me-down' from another user, and it got me hooked on e-reader's convenience and enjoyment. However, the hardware of the Kindle 1 was clearly designed by monkeys in some sort of lab experiment - with large outward tilting/clicking buttons that you accidentally pressed every time you gripped the device, sending you an unintentional 20 pages forward. I was tempted by the Kindle 2, but opted to wait to see what else hit the market. Along comes the nook; and I immediately mention to the wife that it might make a good Christmas present. She listened, and sure enough it was waiting for me under the tree yesterday.

I've spent a lot of time playing with it and reading over the last 24 hours, and my impressions are far more positive than most of the reviews I've read.

As soon as I booted up, I downloaded the 1.1.1 software update, so I can't comment on how much better/different it is than the version that shipped 2 weeks ago. However, I can say that I've been more than pleased with the responsiveness, reliability and page-turn performance of the device. It outperforms my Kindle 1, and seems very comparable to the Kindle 2 which I've 'handled' a few times.

The navigation is nowhere near as confusing as some reviews suggest. It appears most reviewers fall into one of two categories: 1) smart-phone/computer users who are not e-reader users, or 2) e-reader users and reading nerds who aren't comfortable with technology.

If you've used a smartphone AND an ereader before, you won't be confused by the nook's navigation; you won't go reaching to touch the e-ink display, and you will be perfectly content with the performance of the touch-screen.

The Android-based touch screen is not quite as snappy as an iPhone, but perfectly acceptable and smooth enough for the purpose of navigating the store and ereader content. The nook hardware is sexy, well-designed, rugged, and comfortable. and I don't make accidental page turns.

I could go on, but ultimately if you're familiar with e-readers I can confidently say that the nook is the best piece of hardware currently on the market...It has only one flaw:

CONTENT: Not mentioned in the reviews, and the only real weakness of the nook right now is its content. The library of available books is comparable to Amazon, but there is nowhere near the content in terms of Magazines, Newspapers etc. The nook offers only 10 magazines, with only 2 that are 'household' names, and a measly 5 newspapers (no NY Times, USA Today etc.).

The nook has to catch up in this area otherwise the word will get out and people will make content rather than hardware/feature decisions.

I'm happy with my nook; at least until the Apple Tablet arrives!
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I originally bought a Kindle about a week and a half before Barnes and Noble announced the Nook. I wanted an ebook reader, but when Barnes and Noble announced the Nook, I decided to return the Kindle (that I had tried out and did like) and just wait for the Nook to come out. I then pre-ordered the Nook and sat for the wait. I now have the Nook, and although I did really like the Kindle, I like the Nook that much more.

But before I get to the good, I'll talk about my gripes:
My first gripe about the Nook is that the eBook store for Barnes and Noble seems to have many fewer titles than Amazon had. For some reason, I can always find the book when I look on Amazon's site, but Barnes and Noble has yet to add the titles that I'm looking for. It's irritating right now, but I figure that Barnes and Noble has a lot of catching up to do as far as working with publishers to get materials on the Nook. But with the wait, it'll happen. At first the Nook was sluggish, but when it completed the update, things sped up instantly!

Now the good:
Like I said before, I was a fan of the Kindle when I got it, so I'm not going to bash it. Barnes and Noble obviously took the product that Amazon currently has and improved on it. Imitation is the biggest compliment, right? My absolute favorite feature is the Nooks ability to play music over the internal speaker. This may seem cheesy, but I enjoy not having to play a radio or bring in my phone or MP3 player with me when I want to read and have a bit of music. It's even better when you're on the throne doing your reading. Trust me.

The Nook fits perfectly in my hand. I mean with the palm of my hand touching the back of the Nook and thumb on one side and fingers on the other. I instantly noticed this because I have tendinitis in my hands so I can't "pinch-hold" these readers like many people might do. The Kindle was a wee bit too large for me to be able to do it. The Nook is pushing it with its width, but it's fine for me.

Actually reading books on the product is fantastic. But it's also fantastic on the Kindle, so there's virtually no differentiation in that department.

The thing that made me want the Nook over the Kindle was essentially the fact that the Nook is built upon Android. That made me feel confident that there could "easily" be changes to the entire product, and barring there being hardware differences in future versions, there's no reason that updates can't be done on this product. I'm sure that the Kindle could do the same, but the whole Android aspect put the Nook over the edge for me.

Either way, the Nook is great for me. It was a step above the Kindle, in my opinion. But who knows what tricks Amazon will pull for the Kindle 3.
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