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July 3rd 2012 2:11 pm

Which one should i go for?

Do you guys want me to wait for iphone 5 or go for a Samsung galaxy S3 indeed..!!
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Personally, I'm waiting to see what the iPhone 5 will be, but both are good options. The Galaxy S3 is not quad core if it has LTE, which is a bummer, less of an advantage in terms of performance in that case.
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Undoubtedly Galaxy S3! Don't compare Androids with iPhones, it's a crime... :P
Droids are always better! More customization, more productivity, more entertaining. You can change the UI of an Android they way you want it with widgets, launchers, and so many shortcuts, beautiful apps, etc. iPhone wants you COMPULSORILY look at the app drawer after unlocking it, no other way.
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You might as well wait a bit longer for the iPhone 5. Or at least long enough to hear any credible rumors about it. That said, I'd be surprised if they did anything too crazy with the design. I think the question is do you prefer iOS or Android? We've seen what will be in iOS6 and we also know what's in ICS and Jelly Bean. So your decision should really be based on the software - hardware is (or will be) very good on both phones.
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I would get the SGS 3
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