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December 18th 2011 1:00 pm

Which one to get? Nikon D5100 or Canon 600D (Video is important)

Hey guys,
I'm looking to get a DSLR in the $600-700 price range for Christmas, and it's very important that it can take good 1080p videos.
So now I don't know wether I should go for the Nikon D5100 or the Canon 600D.
Of course shooting still images is also very important.
Any recommendations?
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I have the D5100. Until I went to the store and played with them (which is what I'd suggest you do) I was going to get the 600D. They're fairly equivalent in what you're going to get. I got a better deal on the D5100 at the time which as another plus. They can both take ok 1080p videos. The focus, etc for videos is not the best thing in the world. Plus in the video you hear the lens churn back and forth while it is trying to keep focus.

If video is really one of your top concerns, you might consider the Sony's as well. The a55 is probably in the same range as these two cameras. If you're getting this primarily for photos and video is secondary, then I'd recommend going down to your local camera shop / big box electronics store and play with all 3 of them.

And don't tell the Nikon folks I said this but if you're just limiting yourself to these two, well Nikon had that flooding issue of late. D5100s are still easy to find I'm told, but Canon has been pushing discounts in order to get an advantage over Nikon. So you might be able to pick up the Canon cheaper. Of course you didn't hear that from me :).
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I have the d5100 and highly recommend it it has a wide set of feature many other cameras in this price dont have ie RAW format and automatic HDR i havent really played around with video much on it yet as i have an HD video camera already all in all i would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a starter dslr
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