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July 18th 2013 3:20 pm

Which phone should I buy among these reviewed?

I need a very detailed advice on which phone should I choose?

I am planning to buy a new phone, either Windows 8 or Android. Now, I like Windows Phone UI a lot and I hate Android's but in terms of specs, Android phones like Nexus and Galaxy S4 are a lot more ahead of Windows Phones but maybe its because WIndows phones don't need much RAM or processor. I'm more inclined towards Android for all reasons but the UI and the only thing I find less in Windows 8 is the number of Apps. Plus, I'm not sure if I should buy a Nokia. If Windows, then I'll prefer an HTC or Samsung ATIV S but its not available in India.

After this, if it comes to Android phones which one should I buy?

# I really like S4 but I am only allowed to spend 30K so the best options that come in my mind are:

Nexus 4

Galaxy S4 Zoom

Galaxy S4 Mini

I have compared all these phones here

Processor: Which of these has a better processor, the 1.5 GHz Cortex A-9 Dual Core in S4 Zoom, 1.7 GHz App Processor Dual Core in S4 Mini or the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core in Nexus 4.

My Pick: Nexus 4

Graphics: Mali-400 (Zoom), Adreno 305 (Mini) and Adreno 320 400 MHz (Nexus)

My Pick: Nexus

But please tell me if I am missing something here...

Display Type: Super AMOLED in Zoom and Mini but Normal in Nexus 4

My Pick: Zoom and Mini

Screen Size: Now I want smaller so I pick Mini in this one with 4.27

Display Glass: I picked Nexus 4

Camera: Obviously Zoom (16MP) others have 8

Flash: Xenon in Zoom

Weight doesn't matter much so I again pick Nexus 4

Battery power matters a lot to me and here I have 2330 in Zoom, 1900 in Mini and 2100 in Nexus 4. I have always heard of Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) but what is this Li-Polymer in Nexus 4? Is it better?

Internal Memory: Hands down to Nexus 4 with 16 GB

External: Nexus 4 sucks. Not having expandable memory bums me out a lot and I might drop it because of this.

Memory: Nexus 4 is back with 2GB RAM

Sim: Mini has dual sim, I don't need it now but maybe in the future, I might kill for this small silly feature.

##Windows Phone

I like Lumia 920 and 820 (because I have no other choice) the most and Samsung ATIV S (not available here in India). I also don't know if I should go for a HTC phone, I have read everywhere its good but those close to me have always complained.


So this is what I have come up with. Please tell me which phone is better among these and have I made the right choices and feel free to guide me on the right path and save me 30K keeping all the points I have discussed. Are there any other phones better than these within 30K and available in India?

####Your help will be appreciated a lot. Thanks a ton in advance.

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wow this is really my type of question although, I really prefer the GPU in the phone. for me(this day in age atleast) 8MP is enough while 5MP is just enough. I dont know about the price in India but the Nexus 4 is quite cheap now in Malaysia. The Adreno 320 and 2GB ram really catches me( but probably the biggest drawback for me would be the fragile glass,but Im pretty sure there are a lot of protection case for it). I also heard that the adreno 305 is actually the replacement for the Adreno 205 in the Adreno 3xx generation. They probably didn't throw in expandable memory slot there because memory cards will always be slower than internal(even if class 10?). If you're a gamer and want the device to be future proof for future software update then I suggest to go with Nexus 4 (not to forget that its a Nexus!)

about WP, sure it looks cool and all but thats just it, I'd be crying if I didn't have a certain app/game on my phone. Besides there are a few WP launchers for android that could replicate its UI(I think you're aware of this) if you really just want to try the UI.
Plus with all the people having Samsung device around, I think you would stand out better with Nexus 4.

Probably getting Nexus 4 in the near future, custom ROM ftw!
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Ger Galaxy Note (latest version) if you like big screen and solid battery life, OR Nexus device if you want clean and original looking device.
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I say get Samsung S4. It has a bigger screen, better camera and the battery last longer. Before getting yourself a phone is good to check web pages that do comparison for you. For example:­/en­/smartphones­/google­-nexus­-4­-16gb­-vs­-...
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