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April 2nd 2012 7:20 am

Which touchscreen monitors work with a Mac Mini?

I'm looking to transition a Mac Mini from being a HTPC to a kitchen computer. It looks like you can get a decent 20" touchscreen monitor for under $300, but I'm not sure any of them work with OS X. I know touchscreen drivers for OS X are available for sale at www.touch­ but I'd rather not spend an additional $210.
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I get the feeling that native touch screen support will be added to OS X in the next year or so. Either it will happen or not, and waiting around for that day is pointless. You might consider running Windows 7 or Windows 8 in boot camp, since it may have better touch screen support. I think an iPad makes more sense as a Kitchen computer for now if touch screen is what you want.
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I have this monitor working with both a windows 7 rig and as an extra screen for my mac book pro. The touch screen works great with windows 7 but although I can connect my mac book pro via HDMI to this monitor the touch interface doesn't work on Mac so avoid this monitor.
Knowing Apple they'll only release native support for touch on Mac once the tech improves. Although the touch functions in this monitor was good it's tech just isn't as accurate as the capacitive displays on the iPhone or iPad. With any non Apple solution there is the risk that it won't be as bulletproof or enjoyable as something that's be designed from the ground up by Apple to with OS X.
This isn't so much as an answer just a recommendation to stear clear of the Acer T250 if you intend trying to use a touchscreen interface on Mac OS X.
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